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“Toufic Maatouk, is one of the most compelling conductors of his generation. In the 2012 season, Maatouk began his tenure as Artistic Director of the Beirut Chants Festival in Lebanon. He is also Guest Conductor of the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra since 2013 and a Guest Conductor of the Romanian Radio Chamber Orchestra Orchestra since 2017. Maatouk was appointed Artistic Director and Choir Master of the Antonine University Choir in August 2005 and Head of the vocal department in the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music since October 2015. He has been Head of Academy of the Saudi Music Hubs in Riyadh (KSA). He is currently the Executive Manager of Programming at the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts organisation (UAE) and Academic Board member of the Global Leaders institute in Washington DC (USA).

He holds a Ph.D. in Musicology from the Istituto Pontificio di Musica Sacra (Pims) in Rome where he conducted and published different studies on the syro-maronite chants. As chief conductor, Toufic Maatouk has led the Antonine University choir for more than 17 years.

“….sound was warm and full without any sense of effort and even throughout its range, with ornaments emerging as natural extensions of the line. These qualities… came through with wonderful immediacy in the intimate Board of Officers Room at the Armory.”
(Opera magazine)

In 2020, Maatouk was knighted by the President of the Italian Republic as “Cavaliere dell’Ordine Della Stella d’Italia” and in 2023 by the French Ministry of Culture he was granted the prestigious “Chevalier des arts et des lettres”.


He collaborated with several orchestras, festivals and theatres including Orchestra del Teatro di San Carlo (Napoli), Orchestra Giovanile Mediterranea (Palermo), Orchestra Roma Sinfonietta (Rome), New England symphonic ensemble (New York), Los Angeles Sinfonietta Orchestra (Los Angeles), Saint Petersburg Symphony Orchestra (Russia), Kiev Symphony Orchestra (Ukraine), Al-Bustan International Festival, Baalbeck International Festival, Byblos International Festival (Lebanon), Festival d’ile de France (Paris), Carnegie Hall (New York), Global Leaders Program (New York),Teatro dell’Opera di Roma (Roma), Teatro di San Carlo (Napoli), Académie de l’Opéra de Paris, Festival d’Aix-en-Provence (France), Romanian Radio (Bucharest), Al-Ain Music Festival (UEA), Bahrain International Music Festival (Bahrain).

He performed also with world-renowned artists such Maria Agresta, Jessica Pratt, Joyce El Khoury, Daniela Barcellona, Carmen Giannatasio, Laura Giordano, Maria Grazia Schiavo, Paolo Fanale, Giorgio Berrugi, Krzysztof Baczyk, Mirco Palazzi, Seong-Jin Cho, Dmitry Masleev, Jack Swanson, Anna Maria Labin, Eric Le Sage, Xavier De Maistres, Faycal Karaoui, Gabriele Ferro, Francesca Dego, Modigliani Quartet, Kodaly Quartet, Boris Andrianov, Alexander Ghindin, Caterina Di Tonno, Rosa Bove, Leonardo Cortellazzi and others.

He has been invited as a jury member to several prestigious competitions as the Ottavio Ziino International Liric Competition (Italy), Voce Verdiane International Competition (Italy) and the Biennale des Quatuors à cordes (Philharmonie de Paris).

He collaborates with many Orchestras such as Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra (Lebanon), Orchestra del Teatro di San Carlo (Italy), Orchestra Giovanile Mediterranea (Italy), Roma Sinfonietta (Italy), New England Symphonic Ensemble (USA), Los Angeles Sinfonietta Orchestra (USA), Saint Petersburg Symphony Orchestra (Russia), Kiev Symphony Orchestra (Ukranine), Romanian Radio Chamber Orchestra (Bucharest).

Maatouk published his new book on the Syro-Maronite tradition with Geuthner’s edition in Paris. Different articles are published in international musicology journals and 13 CD on the Maronite tradition with the Antonine University chorus.

Upcoming schedule includes Maatouk as conductor of the Radio Romania Chamber Orchestra, Jury member at the 21st edition of the Ottavio Ziino International Competition in Italy.


Latest updates and news about Toufic Maatouk work and music.

Toufic Maatouk’s Debut in Ploieşti

Toufic Maatouk’s Debut in Ploieşti

On April 4, 2024, Toufic Maatouk returns to Romania for an exceptional concert in Ploieşti, performing with the “Paul…

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توفيق معتوق مكرّماً بوسام فرنسي وحوله الأصدقاء يشهدون لتعدّد الرسالة

يستحق #توفيق معتوق، الإنسان، الراهب، الموسيقي، التكريم الذي منحته إيّاه #وزيرة الثقافة الفرنسية، بوسام الفنون والآداب من رتبة #فارس. سُئلت الكثير عن…

Les insignes De Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres au Père Toufic Maatouk

Les insignes De Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres au Père Toufic Maatouk

Mme Sabine Sciortino, conseillère d’action et de coopération culturelle et directrice de l’Institut français Beyrouth a remis les Insignes…


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